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Y327 Mobil Sondaj, HZK3400-M Mobil Zincirli Kollu Kesme, 108 T Hidrolik Sondaj, 6000 M Köprülü Tel Kesme, 1260 M Tel Kesme, 3000 Y Düz Sayalama, 3700 Y Düz Saylama,

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Product Categories

Next Generation Management
Control Unit Operator; it can take quick action by performing all the control of the machine through a single panel.

Practical Design 
Hydraulic Clamp System It has a hydraulic clamp system to facilitate pipe disassembly and installation.

Pipe It prevents wear thanks to its increased hardness for the long-lasting use of pipe adapters.

Easy Installation
Slide and Boom With the ability to extend and shorten the slide section and to the right and left mobility, and the boom section; it provides easy centering by taking the machine to the balance without moving it.

Safe Control 
Operator's Cab The new system provides to operator more safety and control comfort with the motion control system.

Less Air Power, More Speed 
DTH Hammer It saves energy and time thanks to its faster drilling feature with less air power. Drills a hole at a minimum height of 55 mm from the ground in a horizontal position.

Lighter, Stronger 
Compressor Both the air and hydraulic system work more strongly with a single-engine, providing full performance and lighter.

Diesel Engine Thanks to its 48 HP diesel engine, it can easily move at higher slopes and in difficult terrain conditions.

Electrical Motor: 75 kW
Diesel Engine: 28.5 HP (Lombardini), 28 HP (Deutz)
Hydraulic Pump: Piston Type
Moving: 3 Wheel Drive
Pipe Length (­Stem­): 2 m (15 Pieces) 

Air Pressure: 8 - 10 bar (The compressor is specially produced by "Tamsan" brand)
Drilling Speed: 14 - 18 m/h
Air Flow: 5 m³/min 

Driling Rotation: Horizontal and Vertical 360°
Hole Diameter: 90 mm
Steering Type: Joystick 

Width: 2200 mm
Lenght: 6950 mm
Height: 1820 mm 
Weight: ~5800 kg

Pipe (Stem):
15 Pieces
Fixing Chain: 2 Pieces
Pipe Wrench: 2 Pieces
Extension Elect. Cable : 1 Piece (5X1 25A)
Centering Tip (Long type): 1 Piece
24 Combined Key: 1 Piece