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Y327 Mobil Sondaj, HZK3400-M Mobil Zincirli Kollu Kesme, 108 T Hidrolik Sondaj, 6000 M Köprülü Tel Kesme, 1260 M Tel Kesme, 3000 Y Düz Sayalama, 3700 Y Düz Saylama,

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Hidrobarsan Mermer Makinaları San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti


"As HİDROBARSAN Marble Machinery Industry and Trade Limited Company; we will comply with the quality management system and legislation in the field of "Machinery Production and Sales", constantly improve its effectiveness, and aim to be a sought-after organization in our sector, with our well-trained personnel, in all the works we do and the raw materials we use. We are committed to keeping human health and life safety at the forefront, ensuring customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and compliance with standards, and constantly improving ourselves by keeping quality at the highest level."


The goal of our HİDROBARSAN after-sales technical service team is; is to ensure that our machines work non-stop in your quarries. It is our priority to respond quickly to even the smallest problems experienced in machines.

In Denizli Center, we provide service support within 24 hours for distances up to 300 km and within 48 hours for distances exceeding 300 km. We attach great importance to producing fast solutions to the needs of our customers and to increasing the quality of our services day by day.

We carry out the first installation of our machines for sale, together with our after-sales technical team, and we provide the necessary information and training on our machines. With our after-sales technical service team, we bring you our machines and services within the framework of these basic principles.

It was established in Denili in 2000 under the name of HİDROBAR. We have continuously developed since our establishment and became one of the largest marble machine manufacturers in the world.

We continue our activities in our own production facility in order to produce machinery and projects in a total area of ​​16.000 square meters, 6000 square meters of which is closed area and 10.000 square meters of open area, in Hacıeyüplü location in Denizli.

In the years we were founded, we started to serve in the fields of industrial and mobile hydraulics. In 2003, we first entered the marble sector by producing the Separator (Titano) maker. We continued our journey with machines such as Ramp Counting, Hydraulic Drilling and Wire (Mountain) Cutting.

We have achieved our success with our innovative structure and customer satisfaction-oriented approach, which we have maintained since the day we were founded.


In order to produce the machines of the future, as the HİDROBARSAN Family, we continue with our passion, which increases our work every day in line with our company principles by producing new products and new solutions.