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Internship application

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Internship application

Dear Student Friends,

We are very pleased that you have included our company among your choices for internship. Every year, dozens of high school or university students apply to Hidrobarsan for internship. The number of intern applications to our company shows a constant increase. Hidrobarsan would like to contribute to the theoretical education with practical information in order to adapt to business life after your high school/university education.

We aim to work with successful interns who show awareness during the internship as needed after their graduation. For this reason, we decided to standardize the internship application and acceptance processes. We would like to host our researcher, dynamic, social student friends who are successful in their classes, open to learning, have work discipline, can use basic drawing programs well, deserve their internship, and are eager and determined to learn something, as interns in our company.

If you think you meet the conditions, some of which are listed above, apply to our company by filling out the attached internship form.

Hereby, we wish you success in your education and training life.

The "Internship Application Form" below; If you fill in the form and send it to info@hidrobarsan.com.tr, your application will be evaluated.