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Maximum Power, High Performance
DIAMOND WIRE SAW MACHINE 1260M; it produces undamaged, lossless blocks by cutting large masses in marble quarries at high speed and in uniform size.

It has a long life thanks to its HİDROBARSAN specific Power Transfer System. It provides convenience and comfort with its high-performance use.

Technology and Automation Together
Flywheel Rotation Button
Thanks to the automatic flywheel rotation button, it does not need human power to change the working angle. 

Distribution Board and Control
Panel With the distribution board and control panel on it, it eliminates cable clutter, is easy to carry, and saves time. 

360° Rotation Capability
Thanks to its 360° rotating feature, it automatically performs the turn with the operator button, allowing it to cut from all angles. 

Comfortable, Fast, Safe 
Remote Control With its remote control with a coverage area of 50 meters, it provides comfort by taking quick action. 

Wired Controller
With its 8 meters wired control, it is managed from a distance and prevents accidents that may occur in wire breaks or impacts. 

Flywheel Protection Mechanism
Eliminates the risks that may occur with the highly protective flywheel protection mechanism. 

Electrical Motor: 55 kW
Woving System: Invertor (The invertor brand is Siemens which used on machine)
Power Transmission: Torque Converter
Cutting Speed: 10 - 15 m2 /h

Extension Elect. Cable: 1 Piece (5X125A)
Wired Controller: 1 Piece
Remote Control: 1 Piece 

Flywheel Diameter: 800 mm
Guide Flywheel diameter: 300 mm 

Cutting Rotation: 360°
Work Position: Right, Left and Bottom
Work Angle Setting: Electric 

Rail Length: 6 m
Width: 1230 mm
Lenght: 2560 mm
Height: 1670 mm 

Weight: ~1550 kg